April 14, 2024

BLACK BOX (2020) – An empty box offering


Rating: ⭐⭐

Amanda Christine as Ava and Mamoudou Athie as Nolan in BLACK BOX

Welcome to the Blumhouse’s second offering Black Box fares poorer than its predecessor The Lie. Black Box attempts to be different with an unusual story about a man recovering from a near death accident that affected his memory as he struggles to support his young daughter. However, its plot surprise and twists are pretty obvious which robs the viewers of a more satisfying experience. Mamoudou Athie is not a familiar face nor name in the industry but he gives a decent and sometimes emotional performance here as the man struggling to get his memory back and addressing the conflicts he feels along the way. I however, thought the young actress Amanda Christine who plays the young daughter was more effective and showed a great range of emotions effortlessly. The rest of the supporting characters did not stand out as they served little more than set decorations.

This is a straight forward competently made thriller but done in a conventional way with little or no surprises along the way to keep the viewer engaged. I would recommend to skip this and hopefully the remaining two entries in this Blumhouse series would fare better.

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