A warm welcome to all my visitors to my new upgraded blog site. I have been posting my reviews for a few years now under the Blogger site address of https://myreeltime.blogspot.com. I decided to move to WordPress.org to maintain my blog as I think it give me more flexibility in presenting my reviews as well as hopefully be able to generate more interest and traffic.

So 10th December 2020 is the historic date in which I opened my new site for visitors. I am still in the midst of migrating my old reviews over particularly all the reviews which I had written in 2020 so I would have a complete list of all the films and TV series I had seen in the year 2020.

I would really appreciate any form of feedback that would help me improve this blog and my hope is that it can become a more dynamic forum for movie lovers from not only Malaysia but anywhere in the world to just talk what we love and have in common – movie!