April 14, 2024

65 (2023) – Jurassic World lite


Rating: ⭐⭐

65 begins a long time ago in a planet far far away where the inhabitants look, behave and speak English exactly like us humans today! Adam Driver plays some sort of space pilot from the planet assigned on a long mission to space in order to earn money to support the medical expenses for his young daughter who is dying from some unknown illness. Unfortunately, his spaceship gets critically damaged on the way, in a meteor shower. He crash-lands in a planet inhabited by dinosaurs, leaving him and a young girl among the passengers as survivors! Fortunately, the air in this planet is breathable but it is inhabited by hungry and dangerous looking prehistoric creatures. Yup, that’s planet earth 65 million years ago!

65 really has very little to support its paper-thin plot and entertains purely on a typical Hollywood visceral level. It is all just an excuse to have Adam Driver play an initially unwilling “daddy” to a young girl in a hostile dinosaur environment. The result comes across like a weaker version of the recent excellent HBO series The Last of Us. The chemistry between Adam and his young co-star Adriana Greenbelt is just passable and not strong enough to feel any empathy for them. Having the young girl speak a different language is a strange plot decision as it merely slows down the film’s narrative flow. Adam Driver is an excellent actor and does the best he can here with a rather poorly developed character.

On the plus side, despite the film’s obvious modest scale budget as compared to that other Dinasaur movie, director Scott Beck manages to craft some genuinely effective dino sequences. He does however, have a tendency to rely on jump scares one time too many. I guess its not surprising since Scott Beck had been involved a writer in a number of films of the thriller genre such as A Quiet Place and a number of lesser known horror movies. The other good thing is the film’s short running time of just over one and a half hours which does not give you enough time to be bored.

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