April 14, 2024

MOON KNIGHT – SEASON ONE (2022) – Promising start but loses steam along the way


Rating: ⭐⭐

Moon Knight is the latest Marvel superhero in the Marvel universe but unlike the other superheroes who gets their big introduction on the big screen, Moon Knight makes his debut on the small screen. This is not necessarily a bad thing since the scale and scope of TV shows these days often rivals if not exceeds that of cinema films. Indeed, the first two episodes of Moon Knight were for me at least, as exciting and impactful as a movie offering.

We are introduced to our main character, mild mannered museum gift-shop employee Steve Grant who seem to have an alternative persona, Marc Spender, who has quite a contrasting and more aggressive personality. He experiences strange episodes of blackouts where he encounters the sinister Arthur Harrow (played effectively by Ethan Hawke) who is looking for something that Steve possesses. It seems Steve/Marc is the human avatar for some sort of Egyptian god of moon and vengeance, Khonshu (whose booming voice is provided by F.Murray Abraham). What made the first few episodes so engrossing were its novelty and the quick editing between the scenes. There was an urgency to try and understand what was happening and discover the multiple personality character which all makes for compelling viewing. And of course the Moon Knight costume looked super cool.

But sadly as the series progressed, the convoluted plot began to make less and less sense. The action sequences and fight scenes had the feel of familiarity. The repetitive bickering between Steve and his split personality Marc began to feel more annoying than funny. All these led us to a conclusion that was hardly satisfying both in terms of action as well as logic. I guess I may have been expecting way too much from yet another comic book superhero adaptation. I blame that high expectation from the series’ excellent opening episodes and the equally excellent performances of its two main leads, Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. Right now after the conclusion with its brief six episodes, IO cannot really say I am looking forward to more Moon Knight-ing exploits. There are simply too many superheroes fare in the market and adding one more to the congested mix is not my idea of fun.

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