May 25, 2024

THE MORNING SHOW – SEASON TWO (2021) – A welcome return to chaos in the news broadcasting world


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

Season Two of The Morning Show kicks off with New Years Eve 2019 just months before the outbreak of corvid 19 hit America hard. It sets the tone of impending doom amidst a string of chaos and drama among the cast and crew of the Morning Show. If you have watched Season One and liked what you saw, then, you are in for another round of treat as the new Season continues with its feisty characters and dialogue.

Once again the show’s top assets are its stellar ensemble cast in particular, its leads Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Billy Crudup and Steve Martin. The emotionally and politically charged script and themes are not lost with these skilled performers. It’s handling of how Corvid 19 slowly creeped up on the American society was cleverly sowed into the episodes’ plot. The ignorance and inexperience on the virus depicted, was familiar to us viewers as this was something that we had all experienced. It offered an interesting view of how the pandemic was reported or not reported from a different perspective.

Once again, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon were the series’ highlight. This time around they had less opportunity to interact together and allow the sparks to flare up with their often explosive encounters. Rather they both had softer moments touching on their more human side offering a nice facet into their complex characters. Much of the theme surrounding sexual abuse and racial discrimination continues to provide fodder in the background while Jennifer Aniston’s character undergoes various mental stress and breakdown and the rest of the cast and crew scramble to save the show. Steve Martin’s diminished role was well crafted and impactful and were a refreshing diversion as they were located in picturesque Italy.

The Morning Show remains one of TV’s better series offering not only entertainment but also information and insight in the TV news broadcasting industry. It may not have the depth and politically wider scope covered by the HBO hit series The Newsroom (2012) but I am not complaining. This one is definitely more fun to watch.

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