HOLIDATE (2020) – Light hearted, predictable, silly … but still fun!


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Here is a silly romantic comedy that does not pretend to be anything but a silly romantic comedy. Emma Roberts has no problem doing the honors as the lead Sloan, a young girl who just happens to be single and living under pressure from her family to get hitched. She meets eligible Jackson (played by Aussie actor Luke Bracey) by chance and they decided to become “holidates” which means they basically meet during the major festivals and become a couple to satisfy their meddling family and friends.

I know I know, the premise sounds ridiculous and dubious, but I have to admit I enjoyed all its silliness and predictability. Maybe I am being generous here since it is after all the holiday season. But honestly, what we need is something light and funny to celebrate the moment and Holidate fits the bill. Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey are both attractive and competently performed their roles with just the right amount of presumptuousness to pull the half witted plot off, succeeding in making this a fun watch. They have what we like to term as chemistry! Then there are the usual supporting characters in the background who are at least likeable although not crucial to the overall plot. This is no laugh out loud, slap stick comedy and don’t expect any big laughs. The story is predictable and we all know how it will end even from the very start. Just keep your expectations low and realistic and you may surprise yourself by actually enjoying this. Like the recent Netflix romcom series Emily in Paris, Holidate is guilty pleasure and boy do we all need it sometimes.

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