Goldeneye comes to the screen after a lengthy six years hiatus in the 007 series due to various legal disputes with MGM studios. By the time Golden eye was ready to be filmed, Timothy Dalton had decided not to take on the role which paved the way for another new Bond played by Pierce Bosnan. It also ushered in a new era for Bond films in that this was the first time the series will not use Ian Fleming’s novels for its title of story. It also brought the series right in the middle of a new decade where gender equality and smoking is frowned upon ever more widely. 

Despite the huge changes surrounding the series, Goldeneye happily sticks firmly to its well established formula and gives us yet another episode involving our super agent saving the world from disaster again. I have to admit that Pierce Bosnan took on the role very comfortably despite this being his first time as 007. He plays James Bond like he has been playing the role all his life. Unlike Roger Moore, Bosnan has both the charms and physique to get the job done. And, unlike Timothy Dalton, he seems less stiff and far more at home when it came to delivering the cheesy one liner jokes or when passing the mandatory sexist remarks to women. 

The opening gambit involving yet another incredible aerial stunt was certainly the most elaborate one in the series so far. It sets the stage for the booming theme song Goldeneye sung by the legendary Tina Turner accompanied by the usual silhouette of naked women in suggestive poses. We are left without doubt that nothing has changed and that Bond is back unchanged. The villains this time were not that memorable except for perhaps the the hilariously named female antagonist Onatopp. Game of Thrones fans will delight in seeing a very much younger Sean Bean in a supporting role here. And to further recognise the emerging female power movement, the boss M has been replaced by a woman played with posh by Judi Dench. Even the younger Money penny gets to lecture Bond with a thing or two about sexual harassment in their usual playful verbal encounter.

To me Goldeneye was a little disappointing as I was hoping for a step change for the series to become bigger and better than it was. The end of the word scenario, Russian spys and the explosive ending are entertaining but still feels familiar. I guess I am getting a bit impatient for the series to evolve to the incredible series that it has become today under the helm of Daniel Craig. The writing’s on the wall as we bare witness to the series’ amazing evolution over six decades! Bring on more Bond adventures as we will never tire of them.

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