May 25, 2024



Rating: ⭐⭐

For Your Eyes Only sees the James Bond series enter a new decade, the 1980’s. While Roger Moore still plays the role like a caricature of the original Bond with the frequent delivery of bad jokes and one liners, the series can be seen evolving further in its overall tone and emphasis. There seem to be a need to inject more and more action scenes which often overshadow the plot of the story, and while women are still portrayed as objects of sex and decoration, the number of times 007 actually gets into bed with them has reduced drastically in this outing. Heck, he even rejects the amorous approach of one of them, a young ski protégé played by the bubbly Lynn-Holly Johnson, and only beds the leading lady, the classy looking Carole Bouquet, in the final reel.

The opening gambit involving an elaborate helicopter stunt over the London skyline featuring the recurring villain the bald headed pussy stroking Blofeld strangely does not seem to have anything to do with the main story. Its purpose seem to be purely an excuse for an outlandish opening act that introduces us to the beautiful title song which is uncharacteristically performed on the screen by Sheena Easton. Luckily for us, unlike the ridiculous space themed Moonraker, the plot this time seems to be more down to earth involving a stolen British military weapon. Scenic locales in Greece and northern Italian ski resort provide some touristy backdrop. Ski chase sequences are always excitingly filmed in Bond movies, with the first being featured in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and they get more and more elaborate as the films progress. The Italian ski resort provided the excuse for more ski chases and we are treated to an elaborate one involving skis, motorbikes with spiked tyres, bobsleds and a ski jump! Thankfully, there are no noisy and mindless explosions and massive destruction for the climax this time. All in all, For Your Eyes Only is an inoffensive and modest but easily forgettable entry in the Bond series. Certainly not among the best but not terrible either.

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