THE MORNING SHOW – SEASON 3 (2023) – Another great season to a bonafide class act


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ 1/2

It has been two years since the last season’s cliff hanger ending where Jennifer Aniston’s character Alex had caught COVID. Don’t expect the new season to pick off immediately on events after that. Instead, we are taken straight to the present year taking place in a post pandemic period and where Biden is president, and the main news coverage is on the war in Ukraine. Along the way, some flashback moments provide some vital information to fill in the gaps.

Season 3 has managed to maintain the series’ high standards and makes for a very compulsive viewing. The performance across the board is impeccable as is the arresting screenplay. This season includes TV series’ Mad Men, Jon Hamm taking on the role of Paul Marks, a billionaire owner of a space company that wants to buy over the TV network UBA that Alex works in. I must say that Jon Hamm really shines in his role and provides an interesting addition to the usual mayhem that goes on in the network. His contrasting cool and charming mannerism to Billy Crudup’s Cory Ellison’s ruthless and often selfish and manipulative style makes for interesting viewing. As usual the series’ plot is infused with not only plotlines that involves contemporary world and American events, but also the intimate personal lives of its main characters. These are all handled with so much detail and care that you cannot help but become drawn into the lives of these characters for the duration of your binge watching. One of the season’s more interesting subplots involves the infamous siege of the US Capitol in Washington by radical Trump supporters in January 2021. This is an example of how the series cleverly integrate real events with fiction to make the series feel more authentic.

There is so much to enjoy in this series. The great acting and riveting plot and sub plots are supported by a very competent technical team that makes each episode look beautiful and sound great. The sets and costume designs are elaborate and very detailed and there is always something visually interesting to catch the eyes apart from the mind as well as clever use of songs that are just in sync with the plot.

The Morning Show season 3 ends with as exciting a finale as it gets with lots of twists and turns. I dare say it left many key characters bruised and opens up an uncertain future that will be as unpredictable as the series. We will need to wait another two years before the next season (provided no more prolonged Hollywood strikes takes place in between), but it will be a worthwhile wait as I can see the series carry on for a long time is the actors and producers are up to it.

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