July 22, 2024

SILO (2023) – Exposing secrets in a dystopian future


Rating: ⭐⭐ 1/2

SILO is an ambitious but modestly budgeted new sci-fi series based on a series of science fiction novels written by Hugh Howey. There are currently six books in the SILO series so by virtue of that alone, we can see the film makers’ ambition to start yet another long running science fiction fantasy franchise. Apparently, this first season is based mainly from the first novel in the series which is titled WOOL. It takes place in a dystopian future where a community lives in a giant multi-level (144 levels to be exact) underground structure, the titular SILO. Its main star is Rebecca Ferguson who takes on the role of the main character, Juliette, a head strong and assertive engineer who gets entangled with solving a disturbing streak of murders, and a desire to uncover the dark secrets of the SILO.

SILO has an intriguing premise that would have translated well on film. It’s main theme of discovering the truth behind the SILO is the driving factor for viewers to stay on and continue watching through its entire 10 episodes. However, the series suffers from a slow pacing and the inclusion of too many irrelevant supporting characters that comes and goes as long as the plot requires them. Rebecca Fergusan is a wonderful actress and to her credit, she carried much of the weight of the story here. Some of the supporting characters stood out, namely Tim Robbins as the person who seems to call the shots in SILO, Chinaza Uche as the deputy sheriff, Billings and Common as the big bad guy who is the head of security. However, the problem with these characters are that they come across as pretty one-dimensional and predictable. Not much background is provided to justify some of these characters’ behaviours and motivations making them appear as just plot devices. The series also seem to take its time in progressing the story and some themes are repeated too many times. The multiple flashbacks technique also does little to enhance the flow of the story.

The best thing going for this is Rebecca Fergusan’s character Juliette. She makes the series worth watching and like her character, we get sucked into the plot eager to know the truth behind the conspiracy hiding this from the masses. The final episode in particular was exciting and fast paced, making we wish the entire series was like that. Being the first season based on a series of books the series ended with a cliff hanger and no closure. In fact, the final episode extended more questions than answers. Sadly we have to wait for at least another year before we can find out more. That is provided the series renewal is greenlit. Otherwise, I guess we can always fall back on the books.

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