April 14, 2024

TETRIS (2023) – Wow .. The story behind the game is as much fun as the game itself!


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Tetris tells the amazing true story of how one of the world’s early and most popular video games, TETRIS came to be in the late 1980’s! Before this movie, I had no idea that this game was developed by a Russian! But here is it! The true story of how the Americans managed to get the rights to distribute the game to the world that became an international hit. On paper this does not sound like much of a story but under the able direction of Jon S. Baird and his team, they manage to translate the tale into an absorbing narration that is laced with intrigue, espionage, double crossing, and action. While the basic premise and story is largely true, we can assume that much of the action that takes place in Moscow that includes fist fights, and a car chase, have been liberally added for entertainment’s sake. In fact, some parts of these were even played out as if it was a video game.

Taron Egerton takes on the lead role as businessman Henk Rogers who was the man responsible for risking it all to acquire the Tetris rights from Russia. I might say that much of the movie’s success is due to Tagon’s masterful depiction of Henk who starts of as somebody not particularly likeable. He brings the character to life and manage to change our perception of the character as the story unfolds drawing us closer to his intellect and positive temperaments. I may be giving away a bit of a spoiler by the movie had an uplifting ending where all’s well that ends well.

As with many movies that claims to be based on a true story and real people, the film ends with some closing commentary on where the main characters are today and gives us a snippet of how the real people look. This is always something to look forward to for me and provides a good closure. It is reassuring to know that the people we have invested our time to know are doing well. Tetris succeeded in telling a story that is uplifting and applaudable despite the inclusion of some made-up excesses to spice things up. It made me nostalgic for a game of Tetris and wishing I had a Game Boy in hand to play it.

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