MURDER MYSTERY 2 – Watchable only if you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston


Rating: ⭐⭐

Murder Mystery 2 is one of those standard Hollywood paint-by-numbers comedy espionage thrillers that offers nothing new to the genre and plays like it was directed on auto-pilot. It has a flimsy plot, (very) light-hearted jokes, and is nearly similar to the first film. In reality, the only reason anyone would want to watch this is if they like Jennifer Aniston (or Adam Sandler). They return as the husband and wife detective team who are inadvertently called to a lavish wedding only to find themselves in the midst of a kidnapping this time rather than a murder.

Murder Mystery 2 has nothing new to give that you haven’t seen before in other movies, or even in the first Murder Mystery. Still, if you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy watching them engage in their bumbling detective comedy act. It’s all fairly light, harmless comedy, with some jokes working and others falling flat. I admit that as a Jennifer Aniston devotee, I enjoyed the silliness and chuckled a few times at her trademark goofiness. I would watch anything starring Jennifer Aniston.

On the plus side, the film boasts some lavish and picturesque settings, with the majority of it filmed in Hawaii and Paris. The opening stunningly lavish wedding of the so-called “Maharaja” was shot at Honolulu’s beautiful Lanikuhonua Lagoon. And the ending was shot with the Eiffel Tower as a stunning background.

Murder Mystery 2 is a harmless bit of entertainment that is easily forgotten. You will not be sorry if you skip this, but it may be just what you need if you have some time to pass and you are not in the mood for another superhero movie, or anything too arthouse or violent.

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