OPERATION FORTUNE: RUSE DE GUERRE (2023) – Another caper from Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Director Guy Ritchie teams up once again with action movie star Jason Statham after their successful collaboration in 2021’s exciting Wrath of Man. Unlike Wrath of Man which was heavy on gun power and violence, Operation Fortune plays more like a tongue in cheek British spy thriller with a toned-down level of violence. It has a more main stream cast that includes Hugh Grant and Audrey Plaza to provide the “softer” elements to compliment the brutal and ruthless mannerism of Jason Statham.

Operation Fortune is easy to like with its fast-moving plot that takes us to exotic and glamorous locales, interspersed with action. Throw in a witty script that intermix Hollywood talk and British humor, and the result in a jolly good time. Jason Statham still has the looks and moves to play the role of Orson Fortune, a British agent not unlike James Bond. He teams up with a typical team of mismatch that may seem like they don’t work well together, but in fact have the incredible skills and technologies that we find characters possess in the movies. Just don’t ask too many questions and you should be able to enjoy the ride. I was a bit hesitant to watch this because it included Hugh Grant. He seems to have made a reputation of being a lazy actor who only does silly little cameos that are a parody of himself. However, happily this time around, he has a meatier (and funnier) role of a villain with an infatuation for a Hollywood action star (played by Josh Hartnett) that was conveniently recruited by the spy team to help them with their con act to infiltrate the enemy line. So, less eye rolling and more acting required for this. Finally the inclusion of Aubrey Plaza in the team is a bonus for all fans of Aubrey and she does her usual dead pan delivery of lines which we all love so well.

Operation Fortune does not break into any new grounds in the genre. It is enjoyable while it lasts and probably just as easily and quickly forgotten. It is an inoffensive fun outing that should not disappoint most less discerning viewers.

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