April 14, 2024

HALLOWEEN ENDS (2022) – Surprisingly better than expected closure to an iconic screen monster


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Every Halloween, we are bombarded with a monumental number of horror movies and TV series. Right on top of the list is the aptly titled Halloween series which had reemerged in recent years as an annual affair. The current reboot of sorts still stars the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as the perpetual survivor Laurie. Halloween Ends is supposed to the final film in the current new trilogy that started with the rebooted Halloween (2018) followed by Halloween Kills which was released last year (a year late due to the pandemic). Weary fans (and non-fans) can rejoice to know that this will hammer the last nail to serial killer Michael Myers once and for all.

I have to admit that I did not like the reboot series. Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills were nothing more than a series of gruesome killings stitched together with a thin plot and zero logic. So, I approached this finale with a bit of dread and low expectations. I was prepared to sit through another 100 minutes or so of mindless killings and screaming. Happily, Halloween Ends turned out to be much better than expected. For once there was a coherent plotline and an attempt to almost humanise the mind of a serial killer. Jamie Lee Curtis kept her presence in the background for the most part of the film in a dignified manner, saving her energy and best for the inevitable showdown in the final act.

I also liked the way the film did not have to resort to cheap jump scares or a need to show us some horrendous killing every five minutes. Also, thankful that there were not much of the usual mindless babbling nonsense dialouge uttered by a bunch of teenagers which seem to plague many lesser horror genre (*cough* Scream *cough*).

Then there is of course the ever effective and haunting music score by the original horror maestro, John Carpenter. This never fails to provide the extra juice to the action. Director David Gordon Green who has been involved in all the three entries in the current series is an obvious fan of the genre which he successfully recreates with the scenes and mood of the movie.

Halloween Ends may not be a masterpiece, but for my money, it made good its objective in delivering a solid piece of horror entertainment. Its ending seems to have killed off our villain once and for all, and offers a well-deserved closure to an iconic movie monster.

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