April 14, 2024

SERVANT – SEASON THREE (2022) – Don’t mess around with the Servant if you know what’s best for you!


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

M Night Shyamalan’s hit TV series for Apple+, Servant, enters its third season. Like the first two season we follow the exploits of the Turner family as they struggle to keep life as normal as possible following the mysterious recovery of her baby through the arrival of their Servant. This remains basically a four persons play helmed by the excellent Nell Tiger Free in the titular role, and supported by the equally talented Lauren Ambrose as the mom, Toby Kebbell as the father, and Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley, Rupert Grint, as the brother of Lauren’s character.

Season Three’s story moves on slowly with nothing new or dramatic happening in the initials episodes. However, as it progresses, Nell Tiger Free’s Servant character begins to become more and more sinister. We are confused as to whether she is an angel or the opposite. Somehow she seems to be able to impose bad things to happen to people she don’t like or feels threatened by. Her loyalty to the Turner family and baby however seems uncompromisable. Well, at least until the season’s finale which once again leaves us with a cliff hanger situation.

These constant diversion from clarity and the norm can be unsettling as they remain mostly unexplained. At the end they come across as mood setting pieces rather than plot development. The plot in season three definitely feels thinner. None of the characters with the exception of Lauren Ambrose’s have changed much from the previous seasons so making their presence feel less impactful.

Nevertheless, Season Three still manages to take a grip on the viewer as we will still be enthralled by what’s going on. The script is still as dynamic and punchy, and perfectly delivered through its amazing cast, although there seem to be less humour this time around. And M Night Shyamalan’s trademark style is very much evident and appreciated in the small screen.

I hated that it ended with a cliff hanger because I never look forward to having to wait a year to find out what happens next. I still managed to enjoy the 10 episodes which anyone can easily binge watch within a short period of time. Season Three may not be as fresh and involving as its predecessor seasons but it is strong enough to keep you enticed.

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