RED NOTICE (2021) – Riding purely on its star power


Rating: ⭐⭐ 1/2

Netflix seem to have a habit of producing these lavish big budget comedy action movies headed by some of Hollywood’s top star. Red Noice is the latest from Netflix made with a rather hard to believe reported budget of USD 160 million! Judging from the 3 superstar leads and the rather ordinary special effects and sets for the movie, one can only assume that the bulk of that amount of money went to the pockets of the 3 leads, and perhaps that cameo by Ed Sheeran!

Red Notice is the sort of action comedy that does not require you to think much as the plot is paper thin and the action aplenty. It is the sort of movie that can only be enjoyed if you like the standard antics of its 3 main stars. Dwayne Johnson who seems to be in every other block buster movie that came out this year, once again doesn’t need to do much acting, and just pose and look menacing while flexing his abundant muscles. Gal Gardot looks stunning as usual and a little like she just walked off the sets of Wonder Woman, playing the role of her alter ego, the sexy and super smart archaeologist Diana. Ryan Reynolds does not even need to act here as he just behaves the way he does in every single movie that he has been in lately (think Deadpool and Free Guy). Together they form the cop and robber team trying to out wit each other in the game of art thievery.

The jokes are light and inoffensive, and the action set pieces fun and entertaining. I partically liked some of the camera angles that follows the back of the character up close and personal while they jump from one place to another. While the whole premise may seem familiar, I think it didn’t really seem that bad to me, simply because I kind of enjoyed the comic chemistry between the three stars. They obviously had a good and easy time filming this and that fun mood is infectious. There are no laugh out loud moments but there are enough smiles to keep the spirit up for the duration of the ride. The final act had its predictable and ridiculous twists and counter twists but I did not however, like the cliched ending which left the door open for sequels and follow-ups.

Rawson Marshall Thurber takes the honours of having a hand in producing, writing as well as directing Red Notice. However, apart from some cool looking shots during those fight and chase scenes, I don’t think he will leave any lasting impression here for us to take any interest for his future projects.

Red Notice comes across as enjoyable but disposable entertainment like so many Netflix original movies have before it. Good for a lazy afternoon or if you have time to kill.

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