May 25, 2024

BLACK WIDOW (2021) – Boring, boring, boring!


Rating: ⭐

Black Widow was touted as the big standalone movie for Scarlett Johansson after the Avengers End Game. Having been delayed for over a year due to the closure of cinemas as a result of the global pandemic, Black Widow has been practically promoted for just as long, building up the anticipation of the legend of Marvel fans around the globe.

Well, let me get straight to the point. Black Widow is really bad and it was a torture sitting through its lengthy 2 hours 17 mins runtime. The plot if you can call it that, takes place in between the Civil War and Infinity War. It takes us back a bit to Black Widow’s origins and her involvement with secret Russian spy agencies. As an adult, she had escaped from the spy agency and joined the Avengers who are mentioned regularly but never seen. We are also introduced to her younger sister, Yelena, played by a Florence Pugh. Florence is probably the only bright star in this whole movie as she comes across as likeable and more credible. Scarlett Johansson has a serious rival here and she could be replaced by this younger version in future movies.

But back to what went wrong in the movie. For one thing, the dialogue (and there were lots of it) was badly written. Many scenes just went on and on with the characters yacking away. Most of these conversations could have easily been edited out without affecting the story. Somebody seem to think that these were somehow amusing or when they are not trying to be funny, provide some tension between the characters. All it did was to annoy and bore the hell out of the viewers. The action sequences were generic, and unimaginative. There was nothing we haven’t seen in a hundred other movies before. Our heroes get thrown and tossed about like toys by the super powerful Task Master, who is a like fighting machine robot. But somehow, Black Widow and family seem to have super ability to be unscathed by all these bashing which would normally have killed any mortal. They also perform unbelievable feats which no human can possible survive and conveniently have the time to run away just in time whenever there are explosions. All these cartoon scenarios are getting old and tiresome and Black Widow just fails to bring anything new to the game.

I was looking forward to this actually and really wanted to like it but the more I sat watching the movie the more it sucked and the more angry I felt with how the film progressed. Critics giving this positive reviews must have watched another movie or are somehow biased towards anything with a Marvel trademark.

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