COME TRUE (2021) – Don’t fall asleep! You may miss something here


Rating: ⭐⭐ 1/2

Come True is a effective little thriller that succeeds in drawing the viewer deeper and deeper into the plot’s mystery while offering a rather awkward closure. The premise seems simple enough. Teenager Sarah (played by Julia Sarah Stone) is having recurring frightening nightmares which she is unable to interpret. She happens upon a sleep study programme that offers money for allowing the scientists to monitor the sleeping patterns of their volunteers. Of course the study isn’t what it seems to be and soon Sarah is finding her nightmares becoming worst and appearing to manifest signs of coming true!

I like the independent movie feel of Come True, and director and script writer Anthony Scott Burns displays a talent for being able to create a dreaded suspenseful atmosphere while working with an obviously limited budget. At no time does the film feel cheap not does it go for any cheap jump scares. There are many loose ends and illogical diversions to the plot as it moves along which can become frustrating but all these can in a way be conveniently addressed by the film’s explanation on what is happening to our Sarah. 24 years old Julia Sarah Stones does a decent job in carrying much of the weight of the entire movie on her shoulders. She makes a convincing teenager confused by what’s happening and projects a quiet demure quality that is unassuming and yet assertive when pushed to the extreme.

Come True is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and definitely not one of those run of the mill horror porn, so do not expect blood and gore and gratuitous sex or nudity, to score on its horror scale. This one quieter, slower paced and more a phycological thriller than slasher movie. As such the reliance would be on the performance, script and atmosphere. It has a lot of potential and probably could have been much better and more effective had the whole plot be taken a few steps further. Unfortunately this version may put some viewers to sleep and have their dreams and conclusions.

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