May 25, 2024

HONEST THIEF (2020) – Yet another lame Neeson outing


Rating: ⭐ 1/2

The premise of Honest Thief is so preposterous that it simply gets in the way of the viewer ever enjoying whatever happens on the screen. Slight spoiler ahead as I provide a brief summary in an attempt to support my case. Liam Neeson is Tom Dolan who has been successfully robbing banks for years. He suddenly decides its time for him to retire and live an honest life by handing himself him to the cops because of true love. The biggest joke is that apparently he never used any of the money stolen which is kept stashed up in a rental warehouse.

To call this another action movie from Liam Neeson is misleading. Sure the promotion photos show Liam holding a gun menacingly but in fact, he is just a honest and non violent sort of guy. The level of so called action here is mild and pretty generic stuff. The few opportunities for at least a good old fashioned car chase were sadly not fulfilled. The film was also unimaginatively shot so there is nothing in that department to help provide at least some interest visually. The dialouge and plot flow feels like the work of a fresh undergraduate aspiring to break into the film making industry.

The only thing going for this movie is Liam Neeson because he is such a likeable actor. We really wish the best for him always in whatever endeavour he sets himself to do. I hope he chooses him roles more carefully in the future and do something that allows him to truly perform at a level that we can all be proud of.

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