April 14, 2024

ENOLA HOLMES (2020) – A rather unremarkable Holmes


Rating: ⭐⭐

Millie Bobby Brown, who was so mesmerising as Eleven, the girl with the psychic mental powers in the Netflix’s series Stranger Things, takes on the title role in this Netflix original movie. Enola is the younger sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes, and by virtue of that, I immediately conjure an expectation for a sort of “mini” Sherlock Holmes adventure geared towards the younger audience. Well, after watching this, I have to admit I was not that far off the track!

The role of Enola Holmes however is does not capitalize on Millie Bobby Brown’s talents as this is pretty much a paint by numbers mystery thriller for the adolescence. As such, she breezes through the undemanding role effortlessly. It’s a pity because she is definitely capable of doing far more and far better. It does not help when the mystery and motives behind it are a bit underwhelming.

The inclusion of Superman Henry Carvill in a supporting role as the more famous sibling Sherlock Holmes may sound good on paper, but his presence is hardly noticeable as the script only requires him to be present like wall paper with very little to contribute to the plot. At least Helen Bonham Carter had a more meaty role to as the mother but again she acts like she has been acting in so many of her other movies, making her performance feel a bit like a caricature of herself.

All in all, Enola Holmes is a rather unremarkable introduction to what perhaps could be another attempt by Netflix to start a new franchise series. It moves along nicely, is unoffensively entertaining but does not leave any lasting impression to cultivate any desire for more of the same. Instead, it made me long for a good old fashion Sherlock Holmes adventure.

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